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How long will it take for my orders to arrive? 
    • Please visit our Shipping & Handling page for more information on the timeline of your package! Because our hoodies, sweaters, tops, cropped tops and cropped sweaters are all printed at the time of order to avoid waste and overproduction of specific designs, we do ask that you give us extra time to also process and prepare your order. 
    Can I get a refund if my order does not arrive on time?
      • We sincerely hope that you can understand, that as small family-owned business that we cannot possibly afford to guarantee any delayed deliveries and again we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. However, all orders that have been damaged and/or orders that contains the wrong items are 100% eligible for a full refund or replacement and returns are still welcome for USA customers only. 

      How do I choose the right size Clothing?

      • Each of our item in our Clothing category contains a size chart that shows you the sizing of each item! If you want us to recommend to you a size, please also feel free to reach out to us at info@boboshouse.com and we will suggest what we think will fit you based on your height, weight and preference.


      • Once your order has been placed, we are unable to make any changes to it. If you are looking to add/change items, you would need to place a new order for the additional items. Please email us at info@boboshouse.com ASAP so we can help! 


      • We are unable to change the billing address associated with your order. However, if you received an order confirmation, it is likely that your order has already gone through in our system and is pending fulfillment.

       Are your photos photoshopped? 

      • As of now they are. Unfortunately, as a small family owned business living in the world of social distancing, shoots are extremely expensive and we cannot afford to have a separate photoshoot for every single new item that we put out on the market, particularly our clothes with multiple different designs. In the future, we do hope to have our own models, photographers, editors, the whole team! For now however, we hope you can excuse us for our limited funding as a small business. 
      Are your artworks original?
        • Unless otherwise specified, our artworks and designs for our hoodies, shirts, sweaters, cropped tops, cropped hoodies and shoes are original and were created through our talented network of illustrators! The way you can tell which one is ours and which ones we purchased licensing rights to or partnered up with, we specify at the top of the descriptions page to clearly identify original artwork from Bobo's House team of talented creators! If you have specific questions of any particular designs, please feel free to reach out and clarify! 

        Where is Bobo's House based? 

        • We are located in the US but ship from our warehouses in China and Taiwan!