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Adorable Sanitary Toilet Lid Flipper

Color: Smiling Shiba


  •  Did you know that every time you flush your toilet, nasty waste particles can be ejected up through the bowl and cover everything in the surrounding area for up to 6 ft? We frequently clean the top layer but let's not even try to think about how much bacteria can accumulate UNDER the lids every time we flush the toilet! 
  • Our Adorable Sanitary Toilet Lid Flipperwill be a perfect solution for anyone trying to keep their hands constantly clean! Features a genius sponge sticker that keeps these handles in place so you don't ever have to stick your fingers up dirty toilet lids again! 
  • Made with highly durable plastic and fits most conventional toilet covers! Also comes in 10 adorable animal designs. Perfect for multiple bathrooms all throughout the house!